Sunday, August 3, 2014

Craig Cachopa throws his lot in with England instead of NZ

Craig Cachopa has given away ideas of playing for New Zealand and is attempting to qualify for England.

Cachopa, who has signed a two-year contract with Sussex, made a half-century in each innings of his county championship opening game against Warwickshire.

The former New Zealand Under-19 captain was attracted to England after playing with Luke Wright and Chris Nash during New Zealand's domestic season.

Cachopa told The Cricket Paper he had been on holiday in Paris when he was rung by Nash and asked if he could play for the Sussex 2nds a week later and after doing well in that appearance he had continued to play, winning his first team place at the Horsham Festival.

Cachopa holds a Portugese passpart, courtesy of his father Joe.

"I wanted to be a Black Cap one day, but things have changed now and I am trying to qualify to play for England. Every cricketer wants to play at the highest level," he said.

Cachopa's brothers Carl and Brad have joined with Auckland for the forthcoming first-class cricket season.

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sunny unica said...

The Blackcaps need players who are desperate to play for New Zealand. As a fan it's highly disappointing seeing someone so promising leave the fold, but better he reveals his true colours now than later. "I wanted to be a BlackCap but things have changed" that doesn't sound like someone with a great desire to represent his country. He obviously just wants to play for the country he can make the most money with, as he has no affinity to England at all, he hasn't even spent a year there. He is very talented, capable of succeeding, and I hope he does well. NZ though, needs passionate players as part of this team unit. They are doing extremely well and don't need a player with this level of disinterest in playing for us.