Friday, July 27, 2018

A saucy story, of a kind

It's reaching crisis point.

Some time ago the South Island source of finest sauce, BOSS Sauce, and especially the BOSS Mild Worcestershire sauce, was taken over by Delmaine in Auckland.

Now Delmaine, in their wisdom have decided to do away with the two BOSS Worcestershire sauces, the Mild and the Spicy. They have apparently replaced them with a combination of the two called the 'traditional' BOSS sauce.
The new

The only problem is that while there are all these new variations of BOSS Sauce, the smoky, the Texan and probably the barbecue, because everyone seems to make barbecue sauce these days, it is damned near impossible to find the 'Traditional' BOSS Sauce. 
The old

It doesn't help either when Google tells me it isn't available in my area.

This can't continue. Serious withdrawal symptoms are being experienced. 

Can I ask please, if anyone in the Auckland area, preferably on the North Shore given how much extra petrol tax I will have to pay if I need to travel over the Harbour Bridge in my quest, sees the BOSS Traditional Worcestershire sauce brand please let me know. 

I know some wag out there might tell me I should try some 'saucery', or that I should return again to 'Saucelito', that lovely little spot on the other side of San Francisco Bay, but truly any help would alleviate my 'ex-Sauce-tive' searching.