Sunday, April 8, 2012

Payback for a miserable summer

It might be something of a payback from the miserable November, December, January, February and early March that we endured, but you would have to say the last month has been incredible weather.

Top of the list in value was a few days spent in the far south visiting Queenstown, Gore, Mataura, Invercargill and driving back through Central via Raes Junction.

Not a drop of rain to be felt, temperatures warm and Queenstown and Lake Wakatipu at their colourful best.

And then returning to the north, the welcome blast of humidity embraces you like a familiar blanket as you walk out of the airport.

But a few days in Mount Maunganui was just as pleasant although disappointing to see specks of oil still obvious on the beach from the wreck of the Rena on Astrolab Reef.

Here's hoping the Indian summer lingers a little longer.

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